• RORECO: Here to Give Agents the Tools to Build Legacy with Their Successful Real Estate Businesses.  

    We are a spirited real estate brokerage filled with agent advocates that give consumers back their power. We are fiduciaries, we are specialists, we are economists, we prepare to help others first.

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    Say Goodbye to the Over-Promise Under-Deliver

VISION: To give agents freedom and autonomy to customize THEIR business and run it according to THEIR strengths while consulting and coaching them towards growth.
Imagine running your agency with leadership that:
  • Listens, supports, and customizes your growth through consulting & coaching. 
  • Understands YOUR business is YOURS and wants to see YOUR vision come to fruition. 
  • Believes in being better together and accessibility to resources and support. 
  • Considers value for value a non-negotiable: people before profit. 
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We know what it feels like to have your vision overlooked. All agents deserve to have the freedom and autonomy to customize THEIR business and run it according to THEIR strengths while coaching and consulting them towards growth.

Impacting Real Estate Since 2015

RORECO founder, Randy Olive, has been a top agent in Houston Texas (HAR Top 20 Under 40) , led a franchised broker office to one of Real Trends top 15 in growth, and has coached numerous top real estate teams from across the country. He believes in a revival towards a brokerage model that is more than numbers; the people make the difference.

STOP BEING Overlooked; Turn your vision into reality And your goals into legacy by Joining RORECO.

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Run A Supported Business By YOUR Design.

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At RORECO, we know that you want to be an accomplished agent. To do that, you need the vision and support of strong brokerage leadership. The problem is most brokers over-promise and under-deliver (which makes you feel deserted). We believe abandoning an agent after they trusted you to help them is crazy. At RORECO, we understand what it feels like to have your vision overlooked, which is why we deliver on a consulting and coaching model that brings freedom and autonomy to YOUR business. 

Here's how we do it:

First, we engage with you to learn about your ambitions. Then, we tailor your breakthrough strategies. Lastly, you get to run a supported business by YOUR design.                                                                                                                       

So, schedule a meeting today. And in the meantime, download our business plan spot check. Stop being overlooked, uncertain, and neglected; instead, feel confident in achieving your vision.                        

“In a chronically leaking boat, energy devoted to changing vessels
is more productive than energy devoted to patching leaks.”

—Warren Buffett

A Few In-Between Details

What is the investment?

  • 80/20 split (80% to agent, 20% to brokerage) until $12,000 upper limit to brokerage, then 100% to agent
  • $130 per month (Tech, E&O, and Agent Services)
  • $250 sign on fee
  • Discounted fee structure for teams with a team leader model available
*subject to change


Tech Stack

In today's real estate world, growth in technology is a necessity. At RORECO we utilize a sophisticated CRM system, KV Core to make business simple, automated, and consistent. 

We utilize a brilliant collection of apps that are customizable to each business individually. We partnered with tech that enhances our strengths.

We emphasize marketing and put tools in the hands of our agents to capitalize on their personal brand efforts.  

Tell Me More About Your Tech

Where are we located?

RORECO has an office located in Northwest Houston area: 12337 Jones Rd STE 404 Houston TX 77070 . 

RORECO is located and serves Beaumont, TX. 

RORECO is also in the cloud and our presence is enhanced by our community efforts. We meet in-person in and around small businesses across Houston. Our goal is to always support the growth of small business with our presence. 

We host weekly in-person/virtual meetings and trainings. We also gather monthly to celebrate and be present with each other. And lastly we host client events from a brokerage level to give our agents options for connecting with their database. 


RORECO is led by Randy Olive, Crystal Dyson, and Macy Villegas.

Randy has been in real estate since 2015 where he quickly grew into a top agent closing over 130 transactions through his first 2 years in the business. His time in production earned him HAR's TOP 20 UNDER 40 award and the opportunity to lead a brokerage here in Houston.

Crystal is a veteran in the world business transformation. She transferred her skills from customer service, operations, and event management into RORECO as their Director of Operations. Her talent has earned her recognition by some of the top real estate teams in Houston. Crystal has been a vital element that made the start up of RORECO possible.

Macy, Director of Engagement, is a vital part of RORECO. She has been in the industry for 4 years and has built a recognizable business in the Houston area. Macy has a knack for marketing, creativity, and relationships. She has been featured in Houston's Real Producers Magazine and values being involved in her local community. 

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